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Education Details

Our certified educators will take the time to educate their students on the M.INT experience.  From lash products, application techniques, to customer care. We enhance the clients experience by giving our professionals the support they need.

Our classes provide detailed information that will enable our students to familiarize themselves with our products and procedures.  We empower the experience for proper and accurate applications. We train our students to select the appropriate procedures to customize our experience to each and every lifestyle. With our professional education we make it simple and easy to create the Experience.

We Empower our Team

M.INT Directory

Once you become a M.INT graduate, your contact information will be added to our "Find a Lash Artist" directory which will open your business to our network and marketplace.

M.INT Solution

We provide brands with key the fundamentals to empower their visibility and value. Our goal is to strengthen the brand through customer experience. OUR PURPOSE is to design a unique ecosystem streamlining organizational objectives and processes while creating a seamless experience for both team members and customers. Our experts strategically develop user-friendly platforms that increase conversion by achieving and maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and eliminating unnecessary costs

Personalized Website

Enhance your Brand and & Expand your business with your own personal website that is connected to one of the most reputable Beauty Ecommerce Platforms in the industry. We provide our businesses with leading edge technology which sets it apart from it's competitors. Through the utilization of technology and process driven workflows, every aspect of your business operations will been optimized. This ecosystem allows real-time monitoring and business management of operations, products, and supplies.

Tutorials & Helpful Hints

Our unique platform allows its partners to sell retail products offered in our virtual marketplace without the upfront costs. We provides the necessary logistical requirements for national shipments of retail products to your customer base, opening up additional revenue for your business.

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Be part of the fashion culture and master the highly sought after "Classic Lash Fundamentals". This certified course provides a detailed review of M.INT product knowledge and our unique application techniques exclusive to M.INT graduates.

The in-depth overview of our fundamentals will empower your customers experience.

Students will receive comprehensive training in our application process including; lash selection, solution, bonding, framing, removal and troubleshooting. The program also includes hands on practical training with a full eyelash extension application on both a mannequin and a live model, and a evaluation at the end of the course.

All training is done with a Certified Educator; One on One training is available upon request and subject to the instructors’ availability.

Volume Lash Extension technique is designed to help you create breath-taking lash extensions for your client(s) every application. We educate you on the proper lengths, thickness and curls to put on each individual customer along with proper isolation of lashes. With these incredibly light weight and superfine lashes; 2-6 lashes can be applied per natural lash to create amazing volume on any type of eyelash.

Learn the application techniques to create the perfect fan, fill in gaps and create looks from everyday natural to red carpet glam. Provide quality eyelash extensions catered to your clients specific needs and lifestyle. The classes are designed for smaller groups to ensure plenty of hands on training and attention can be provided to perfecting the art of this technique.

This program is fast paced with the primary focus on the Volume Eyelash Extension technique. This course is reserved for technicians with a strong background in lash artistry.

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